Focus on what matters: Connecting with your audience.


 Swift can plan, write and develop the story of your content.  We ensure when it is time to film your content, everything is organized and works efficiently.


 We always use the appropriate gear for your project.  Whether your project requires a full-blown production camera or something simple we take care of camera, grip, electrical and directing production.


We handle color correction/grading, animations, visual effects, graphics, audio and music using best-in-class software and devices to ensure the highest possible quality for your budget.


Whether your project is destined for TV, social media, your website or the big screen we have your back.  We provide distribution guides and can even deploy your campaign.


WILD 18 – Floydfest 18

This video is focused on encouraging ticket sales and enforcing new branding for Floydfest 18.  Carefully selected B-Roll was combined with live concert video and audio to inject the viewer into the crowd.  Animated text calls to action and cohesive color wash effects create a more enveloping experience.  Swift prepared itself for run-and-gun filming with a stabilized 4k camera and shoulder mounted camera rig during Floydfest 17.  Capturing high quality audio was also a must.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition, Swift delivered the video ahead of schedule for distribution.

Bedford Workforce Development – Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce

Live coverage on short deadlines something we are totally comfortable with.  During pre-production we decided to let the story tell itself.  We allowed the interviewees to guide the story by speaking without little prompting and no script.  Using production methods such as stabilized 4k cameras, 2 camera interviews, camera jib, and pro audio equipment combined with post production in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition the project was delivered ahead of schedule.

Midnattssol Dive Watch – Karlskrona Watch Co.

Using PDF renders provided by the manufacturer Swift deployed Adobe Illustrator to modify the renders in order to improve realism.  The artwork was then animated using Adobe After Effects to create the second hand motion and lighting changes.  The animations were combined into a cohesive package with animated text in Adobe Premiere Pro and finally rendered to beautiful 4K.

Bottomless Wine Glass – Magnolia Foods

Social media feeds are densely packed with video content.  In order to catch the eye of your audience, you must stand out.  Looping videos and GIFs are en excellent way to attract the eye to your content on social media feeds.  Shot at 180fps, the slow motion is silky smooth.  Post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro and Cinemagraph Pro was efficient and was completed in 24 hours.

Jefferson’s Sunrise – Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

This shoot was truly beautiful.  Arrive before the sun, Swift set up for shooting the sunrise.  Using 3 4K cameras we were able to capture scenes from land and sky.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects in post-production allowed us to complete everything from pre-production to delivery in 72 hours.

Shortcut to Fast – Peaks Coaching Group

Swift deployed a variety of production methods including a stabilized camera jib, aerial videography, and bike mounted camera rigs.  In post-production Swift combined animated text, overlays, custom transitions and an original score.

“Stand Up for Love” – The Hip Abduction

This live concert video was created in collaboration with The Hip Abduction and Floydfest 17.  Partnering for resources and distribution kept the project within budget and increased visibility and engagement.  Swift prepared itself for run-and-gun filming with a stabilized 4k camera and shoulder mounted camera rig.  Capturing high quality audio was also a must.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition, Swift shared a true representation of what it was like to be there.

1220 Greenview Dr. – Coldwell Banker

Most real estate agencies understand the power of leveraging high quality video. We see commercial or residential property through different eyes.  Deploying stabilized 4k cameras and an unmanned aerial vehicle, viewers have a bird’s-eye view of the property and neighborhood.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition allowed us to deliver this project in 48 hours start to finish.

Get Downtown 2016 – Get Downtown

Shooting run-and-gun in varying light environments can be challenging for even the best camera operators.  The video was focused on highlighting interactions between attendees and featured licensed music from a local artist.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro, Swift created this project on a 3 day timeline.

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